Friday, August 2, 2013

Today we found bridges. 

Well a viaduct to be precise. 

We didn't even mean to find it.

It was the kind of adventure where you think you are going somewhere and you end up somewhere completely different. And you find a viaduct.
I used to play near this viaduct when I was a little girl but I haven't been here for years and I was quite impressed with the beauty I found around here. It was like entering a world full of nature and greeness and peace and tranquility and I loved it.
So on a day that had begun grey and overcast we blinked for a moment and the sky had turned as blue as blue can be.
And we went under the viaduct and Chips heard all the old tales of what mummy used to do when she was a girl,probably not much older than he is now.

The tales of yester year and of days gone by. Of a little girl that used to love to climb grassy banks and walk along train bridges
A little girl that walked along these paths and then made her way slowly back home to her mum and dads house.
And as I walked back to Chips grandparents house that afternoon I realised that not a lot has changed.
The little girl is still walking the same way home.

Im going to link this up with Fiona from Coombe Mill for her popular linky Country Kids 
This week we have been out every day so I have had a choice of Country Kids isnt that a great thing to be able to say!


  1. You take good pictures. I like them.

    And going back to old places you've been really bring back memories. I like sharing memories with my kids too. Something like, 'When I was your age, we did this and that here'. There's some pride in it, don't you think?

    1. Thanks Abelle,I love taking photos. And yes it is a funny but nice feeling when you take your kids back to where you used to play because as we all know in our childrens eyes we were never young and we never did anything *said with a wry smile on her face*

  2. How great to relieve happy childhood memories and share them with your own child and make new memories. The photos of the viaduct and surrounding area are lovely, thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures with Country Kids.

    1. Afternoon Fiona! Ah the fun I had,rediscovering that viaduct!The day after I found another viaduct!Im beginning to think I have special viaduct divining powers!