Monday, January 9, 2012

Splashy Smiles

I'm starting a new thing on my blog called Splashy Smiles, read more about it here and this is what I've been loving this week...

Sun After Rain 
We have had some lousy weather this week.
Fierce winds that have felt icy cold to walk in and have kept many people up awake at night as they have blown and howled around the house. 

Our first school run of the year was in such bad conditions,as we got half way to school the rain started to pitter patter down,I was trying to hold onto the hood of my coat as the wind was trying to rip the hood out of my hand ( I finally gave up and walked on just getting wet!) I was trying to hold Chipmunks hand,my hood,his lunchbox and keep up a positive conversation with him because after all it was first day back at school. 

We ended up blown about and wet! 

What a start to the day,what a start to the year! 

But then later that day the sun came out and it was so different,just that bit of brightness after the rainy start seemed lovely and made me smile.

Sunshine after rain,it works for me


Tigers Relationship With His Mamma 
 This has made me smile for a long time.
Tiger seems to be able to twist his mamma round his little finger and it makes me smirk!

I like to see him close to people,it warms me to know he has people in his life he can talk to other than me,the way I see it is the more the merrier! 

This week he's made me smile about the cob 
For a while now my mum has been popping up to see us on a Thursday afternoon and she very kindly brings me a cob to eat ( I love this,it's yummy and the thought is probably worth more than the actual act of cob bringing and munching) 

It so happens that Tiger has no lessons at school on a Thursday afternoon so he's at home when my mum arrives with the big juicy cob and he has got into the habit of wanting one too. 

This Thursday I had made him a lunchbox up but he still wanted that yummy ultra delicious cob
I said ''No,you have got food.''

Well he was straight onto the phone and soon they were discussing whether he wanted a big cob,salad on it,mayo,you name it they were discussing it!
And so in the end he did get his cob. As I mentioned before... Finger...wrapped around....


Although I was not exactly looking forward to going to back to work again,it was lovely to see my work mates again.
Most of them I have known for a long time and it was nice to hear about their Christmas'


Party Smiles
The day before school started Chipmunk had a play centre party 4.30 - 6.30pm

Not what I really wanted the night before school but hey ho off we went.

And I did enjoy seeing some of the girls really looking after Chipmunk,they took him under their wings and it was a nice thing to see.

And last thing that has made me smile this week has been

Chipmunks Jokes For Christmas
Chipmunk had some horrid Henry joke books.
He has been reading them to us and even if you don't feel Like laughing you end up smirking or just really laughing along with him!
Yay to jokes

I will be now on the lookout for more little things that make me smile throughout the coming week ~ sometimes the small things mean the most


  1. What a lovely post to start the week off, i think i may join in! Hannah x

  2. Thanks Hannah :-) its really quite nice to think of small little bits that make us smile and feel good,it focuses me, to see the good in the everyday life we live.
    I'm already listing things down for next week!Just the insy wincy tiny little bits x

  3. This is such a lovely idea. I read the quotes about the small things being the big things and it's so true. I will remember to savour and treasure the small things from now on!x