Monday, January 16, 2012

Splashy Smiles

This weeks Splashy Smiles are; 

*  Chipmunk at bedtime saying "I feel sleepish" A nice way to describe sleepy! 


*  Seeing so much off my mum and dad.Now my dad has retired we see much more of him and my mum and I love it.
I think the boys do too. 


*  Winter skies ~ we have had some great clear winter skies lately and it's still so dark in a morning the moon shines brightly even at 7.30am.For some reason that makes me smile.
I like the idea that the moon is still around and yet it's morning time!


*  Swimming made me smile this week,i feel that Chipmunk is getting nearer to actually swimming! 
Watch this space!


*  I seem to be getting slightly more organised after the heticness of December,note I only said slightly! This does make me smile because it is soooo needed!


*  This conversation I had with a very good friend made me chuckle never mind smile. 
I was saying how I didn't know if Chipmunk could carry on at children's church as it clashed with something else,but after seeing how happy he was there I decided that he should keep going.

So I said "It would be very wrong to deny him all this" 

And my friend replied with a mouth full of yummy,scrummy cake 

"Yes and it would be very wrong to deny you all this" 

Meaning the cake,which I was also tucking into. 

We both raised our eyebrows,nodded and carried on eating the cake.

It would indeed be very wrong to miss out on delicious cake!


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    1. Hi Alex,children do have a habit of saying the cutest things don't they :-) Thanks for leaving a comment,you are the first person I have replied to using this new Blogger reply gadget.Hope it works! X