Friday, January 13, 2012

Children's Church

Chipmunk so loves children's church.
He spends time there playing active games,doing crafts,listening to bible stories,
Oh and eating cake,lots and lots of yummy scrummy cake,
Sometimes even I get some cake,and its always delicious!
Sometimes I even get to bring a big piece of spare cake home - nom

Its a shame its only once every 3 weeks,
But the leaders put so much effort into it I guess they couldn't do it on a more regular basis
And actually thinking about it,on the other weeks they do different age groups,so they definitely couldn't do it!

It is a special place for Chipmunk though and hes so happy there.
Its fun just sat watching him,
And afterwards I'm always pleased hes been.
A hour and a half of fun and interaction with children his age
Now that is priceless

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