Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Days
Well its been nearly a week since the boys started back school.
And all is well.
Tiger and Sharky have both sat important exams - fingers crossed for them.
Chipmunk has been learning about dinosaurs and is talking about herbivores and the big dinosaur bone that they have found in their classroom.
The expressions he pulls when he is talking about dinosaurs are soo funny,they really make me laugh.
He screws his eyes up and then opens them so wide when he talks about ''meat eaters!!!''
Chipmunk is also trying to learn his times tables.
He is taking his homework diary to bed so that he can recite the tables.
Because the teacher says he must!
Ahh what power these teachers have!
It  will be Chipmunks second week at hockey tomorrow,
I'm hoping that goes well without any injuries.
We have spellings to learn,one piece of literacy and numeracy work to do and of course reading.
So all in all its a good start to the Spring Term 

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