Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Splashy Smiles

This weeks Splashy Smiles are as follows:

The little smile Chipmunk gave me when I said to him 

''Night my little swimmer''

It was worth its weight in gold!


Finding the last Yuck book at the library.

We are truly zooming through this series


Chipmunk calling  overlaid ''overloaded''
It made me chuckle,

Watching Chipmunk play Fruit Ninja with Tigers girlfriend
So nice that they get on so well together

Chipmunk wearing 2 caps at breakfast time!
One on top of the other!
Both of his brothers expensive best caps of course!
He did look cute though and my mums face was a picture when he took one cap off only too reveal another one underneath!


The biggest smile that spread across Chipmunks face when he described a plate smashing during lunch time.

I bet most of us can remember that moment when a plate smashes in the dining room.

Well this was Chipmunks first time of seeing and hearing  it and he didn't half grin when he told me about it.


The walk to school on a frosty day.

It was magical to hear Chipmunk shouting out ''Woah look at that''
all the way there.


Tiger's keep fit routine,
Hes a jogger now.
Nearly every night he has been jogging,my boy,the runner!


The culmination of the Steve,Becky and Tracey storyline on Corrie.
Sharky and I have watched all week and were cheering Becky on!
We still love watching Corrie together and I treasure that.

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  1. Sounds like a good week! I'm pretty over-awed by frost, too :)