Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear Sharky,

It has become apparent to me and everyone around that you are getting sooo tall.

You are nearly 6 foot tall now,in fact I bet you are 6ft!

Every Sunday your grandparents visit and they look at you in amazement as you stroll down the stairs.

I can see it in their eyes

That look of amazement at just how tall you are getting and you are only 15 years old!

Your tallness does make me smirk a bit because I predicted that you would be my tallest boy as soon as you were born.

You were my biggest baby - weighing in at 9lb 10oz.

Tiger was 7lb 4oz and Chipmunk was 7lb 15oz

And then there was you,smack in the middle and weighing in at that weight!

It became my theory that you would end up as the tallest of the boys
And now you are well on the way to prove my theory right!

Don't get me wrong,Tiger is tall too.
He must be 6 ft or there around

But Sharky you are only 15 and you may grow even more!

You can reach all the high things and at Christmas when I was stood on a chair,balancing on my tiptoes trying to put the fairy on the top of the tree,you just walked up and placed it beautifully right on the very top and you didn't even have to stretch!

Not even a little  stretch.

Whereas I was balancing on chairs and tippy toes and still not reaching!

Of course I pretend you are not that much taller than me
But as I'm only 5ft nothing I guess that's a illusion on my part!

So lets watch this space and see how tall you end up.

Its really making me smile

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