Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wot So Funee?

Not sure how this will translate into the written word but it so made me chuckle I'm going to try and write it down.

Picture the scene,2 days before Christmas on a wet and windy day,the rain was pelting down and even a duck would have been unhappy as it was unbelievably wet,grey and miserable.

We were at a retail park,trying to get a few last minute Christmas presents and it was not going well,there were no spaces in the car park and everybody just wanted to get out of the rain and to be done with the shopping.

Chipmunk kept asking to see the animals and I presumed he meant at Pets At Home. 

He had been a good boy so I said he could have a quick peep at them.

Unfortunately I soon realised that it was the wrong retail park and there were no Pets At Home there. 

Chipmunk was disappointed but accepted it quite well. 

He kept muttering about seeing a sign about animals and as we drove out of the retail park he yelped 


''I told you there were animals!" 

I looked at the big list of shops and saw one which read 'PEACOCKS' and I just burst out laughing! 

Even now it makes me grin! 

The thought of Chipmunk expecting to see Peacocks strutting around creased me up!

Poor old Chipmunk just looked like he could crawl under the seat as he began to realise he had made a error and that his mum wasn't likely to forget it in a hurry!
Peacocks indeed! 

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  1. It honestly makes me grin everytime I think about it! X

  2. I suspect he would have been severely disappointed had you taken him into Peacocks! Thanks for linking :)

  3. Haha! They're so funny aren't they? So nuce to be able to record it and remember forever.

  4. Hee hee, would love to have seen his face if he'd run into the store!