Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wot So Funee?

Wot so Funee

Had to join in with the last Wot So Funee

I have loved joining in with Actually Mummy with this meme

And here is my entry for the last ever one.

This happened this week.

Chipmunk was sat playing with his Ipad sending me messages,

I sent him a little love heart picture and he replied with the following text.

I didn't open the text for a few minutes so can you guess my surprise when I did open it to find that statement!

To say I was shocked and surprised is a understatement!

After I got over the shock I laughed and laughed and every time I kook at that text I still laugh!

Its something the whole family wants now...a fack you text from Chipmunk

And obviously Chipmunk is saying thank you!

Or at least I think he is.....

Go and peep at the last ever Wot So Funee entries,they will make you smile!


  1. That is priceless! The best #funee ever!

    1. I'm still getting funee text messages from Chipmunk,they make my day & will be something to look back at and smile xx
      Thanks for hosting Wots So Funee,I have enjoyed being involved with it xx

  2. Replies
    1. This still makes me laugh & as I said to Actually Mummy I've received more killer text messages from the said boy :-) don't they make us laugh! X

  3. Hahaha hilarious child. I love it!

    1. Thanks for commenting :-) I love it when they start to write by themselves,many chuckles to be had! X

  4. Excellent! I'd love an iPad of my own (so would Mummy!)

    1. Hello Chatty :-) iPads are fab!We love Chipmunks!Best buy I think! X