Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody! 

Here's hoping it will be a good one for all of us.

This time last year I didn't have a blog,I'm so glad I do now though,
I've really enjoyed blogging this year. 

I wanted to write New Years Letters to the boys this year so here goes 


Dear Tiger,

Leader of the rugrats!

You have only 6-7months left at school. 

No matter what happens now you will leave school this summer. 

And still you do not really know what to do with yourself.

I'm hoping that you will find out sooner rather than later! 

I tend to think that perhaps you would be best getting any sort of job just so you can see what it's like in the real working world.

I then think you will know whether you want to go for more education or for money and to work your way up through other channels. 

Until you have tried I don't think you will know either way Tiger

I hope you and your girlfriend carry on enjoying each others company,in May this year you will have been going out together for two years! 
That's a long time! 

I wish you both well,you are a lovely young couple and seem to be very happy together. 
I would like you to have fun this year Tiger,it's your last year as a teenager! 

Can you believe that!

Because I can't! 

Never mind you growing from a baby to a child to a teenager,now I find you are soon not even going to be a teenager. 

What will you be called then!?!

A twentier? 

That is hard to take in at the moment!

So I want you to make the most of your last teenage year! 

Have fun but keep safe. 

It creases me up that you have now got a 'local' 

How did that happen?!? 

My son with his own local ~ shocking I say with a slight smirk on my face!

Here's wishing you a fab 2012 Tiger,may it bring all you deserve and more 

Love from Mum 

Dear Sharky, 

Oh my goodness you are growing up soo fast! 

You are 15 now and leave school this summer.

You want to stay on into 6th form,I want you to go to college.

I think there are more opportunities at college for you. 

I think you should look at a computer course,you are really good with design and you like to work with computers

I really think you would do well.

We will have to sort it soon,one of the first jobs of the new year I guess. 

This will be the final push for you with your GSCE,please try hard and please revise well as you have the capacity to do really well and I want you reach your potential I really do. 

You are shooting up in height,I always said you would be the tallest of all the boys and I think I may be right!

You have a good group of friends now and I love that.I hope you all stick together and have a good time this coming year! 

This year is also your prom year.I can't wait to see you in a prom suit,you will look so handsome of course 

Wishing you all the best for 2012 Sharky,keep making us smile,it's a job you do so well! 

Love from mum

Ahh and now......

Dear Chipmunk, 

Where do I start with you,little boy :-) 

What do I wish you?

Friends,health,strength,so many,many things Chipmunk.

Oh my goodness Chipmunk just what do I wish for you....

For you to run down to that school yard and be as strong as your friends

For you to be able to keep up with everyone and to run and jump just as fast as your classmates do

For you to be able to take those stabiliser's off your bike and ride round the comp just like any other 7 year old

For you to take your armbands off and throw them in a bin along with the stabilisers 

And for you then to swim without the armbands All by yourself

I don't need a champion swimmer,I just want you to swim

Just like your classmates

I would love you to make a real friend

Someone who would stick by you and make you feel wanted

That would be so cool

I want for us to carry on enjoying time spent playing outside in forests,parks and at the duckpond
I want to carry on playing catch with you and when the weathers better to get the hoola hoop out again

I want to carry on finding you good books to read and to see your reading progress as I'm sure it will

I want for you to enjoy the new MotoGp season

And British Superbikes

And any other sport that takes your fancy!

I want you to have a brilliant birthday and party and cake

I want you to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air,playing

I want the transition to junior school begin to ease for you,I really,really want this

I want for you to know that you are great,please always know that Chipmunk

Because you are,without any doubt

Love from your very best friend,always and forever


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