Saturday, January 7, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My six words for this week are

Christmas all finished - Back to school

We had a lovely Christmas and I'm sad to see it go

And I'm even sadder to see the boys back at school

I like it when they are at home

Safe where I can see them

On a positive note....

Its only 5 more weeks until half term


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  1. haha! yeah I agree,happy new year!

  2. It's never easy to go back to regular life after so much freedom and closeness. But we simply have to :)
    Happy New Year Jess! The weeks will fly and soon it will be half-term.

  3. There's something to be said for both states.

  4. yes, back to school! we've been easing the students into working since wednesday!

  5. I too, always liked it when school was out too!....Enjoy your days back to learning too!

  6. Ah this is a lovely idea!Here's to the weekends until then! x