Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Splashes & Dashes

So many memories are made at this time of year
Probably too many too write down.

Lots of days have been spent on the settee snuggled up,
Nice and warm and happy.

Here are a few of the nice bits that have made me smile this Christmas

The Christmas Carol Concert
I loved this because all the boys were there.
Its easy to take your children to carol services when they are young but it really said something to me when they chose to come along this year,especially at the age of 19!
I was very happy.

Posting Christmas Cards
My dad and mum took Chipmunk and me to post a few hard to get too last Christmas cards
And then they treated us to a brekkie at a cafe.
Being a working person I don't often get chances to eat out at cafes so it was a real treat
And very much appreciated.

Making Reindeer Food
This was great fun and was the one thing I truly wanted to do.
I loved sprinkling it on the garden with Chipmunk
A real Christmassy thing to do
Look how it sparkles!

The Santa And Reindeer Treats
Chipmunk made Santa a lovely tray of teats 
And the reindeer were very lucky with their choice of massive juicy carrots!
I must say tho they were really messy eaters!

Chipmunks Reading
No surprise really but Chipmunk has read and read and read!
The most memorable time was in the car when we went out with my mum and dad,
He just read all the way there and all the way back
And all the time he was eating in the cafe too!
My little bookworm.

Playing Games
We had a great session of noisy girl versus boys games on boxing day with my bro and niece
And shh don't tell,but the boys won!

So all in all it has been good
And we have still got a week off - woohoo

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