Monday, July 4, 2011

Footballer Tiger

Football and Tiger go together like Tom and Jerry,Fish and Chips,Salt and Vinegar,Ying and Yang,Thunder and get the picture :-)

Whenever I think of one significant thing that Tiger loved during his childhood it would be football,followed closely by Harry Potter.

From when he could walk Tiger would kick a ball around the house and garden and when he was about 3years old he decided to be like his daddy and support Liverpool,he still does support Liverpool and has had most of the Liverpool kits throughout the years.

Some of his favourite Liverpool players have been Michael Owen,Stephen Gerrard and recently Torres!

When he was at Infant School he would always play football in the playground and I can really picture him every playtime blasting a ball around in the year two playground.

When he was six years old he joined our local footy team and spent about six years with them.It was so competitive though and he took a year out of football and then joined up with our other local team where he stayed till he was 16.

Even now he plays football for a team and I love to see him in his footy kit because it reminds me of when he was much younger and when we used to watch him play every Saturday without fail.
Sharky spent most of his childhood rolling around a field while his brother played footy :-)

These are the latest footy boots

I always love the brightness of footy boots,if not the price!

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