Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100% Attendance!

Today Chipmunk got a very special medal.During the last few weeks he has had medals for football,medals for reading but this medal was for 100% Attendance during this year!

This is something that's really important to me because it has not always been this way.

When Chipmunk first started school his attendance was poor,he seemed to get illness after illness and we just couldn't keep him fit and healthy.
I personally feel that stress played a big part in all of this.

During year one progress with attendance was made but we were still struggling to make even half a term without any time off.

Then during year two Chipmunk made a whole term at school and I was thrilled,this went on to be two terms and then the unbelievable 100% attendance record!

For me this is so special!From a really bad start to a fantastic ending!

Chipmunk was really pleased with this medal and had a few comments from the other children who knew the importance of what he had done ~ one little boy said 'that means he has come to school every day' and he looked amazed :-)

Well done Chipmunk,mummy is really proud of you!

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