Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Smiles

We are on holiday :-) that's definitely something to smile about!

Too tired to write too much so just jotting a few things down.

1. Chipmunks face as he watched all the 2p pieces fall from the change machine at the money place ~ he looked so impressed.

2. The car journey down,Sharky insulting every fellow driver he saw,Chipmunk behaving so well all the way down,listening to the music and the lovely views as we got closer to Cornwall.

3. Watching the funniest pool match between Tiger and Sharky,especially when the longest que of people obstructed the match and caused chaos!

4. Views from our new home for the week,I think we are going to like the home on the hill!

Let's hope we all have a really good week!

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