Sunday, July 3, 2011

School BBQ

Chipmunk was sooo very excited about this BBQ!

He came home waving a blue letter with all the details on it,we stuck the letter in his bedroom and everyday ever since he has been checking it carefully!

The first thing he said to anybody he met today was "There's a BBQ at my new school tonight!"
And by 8.30am he must have told over 10 people about *the BBQ*

That morning at school his new teacher came to meet all the children who were going to be in her class in September.
She recognised Chipmunk because she has already taught both of his two older brothers and she had quite a conversation with him about how when Tiger was in her class they all waited and waited for Chipmunk to be born!This impressed Chipmunk and so did the fact that she told him that at the BBQ she would be running the *sweet stall*

Well Chipmunk had not realised there would be a sweet stall so he was over the moon ~ a sweet stall and his new teacher running it,all the more reason to look forward to the BBQ!

The school day passed and
6 o'clock came so off to the BBQ we went.

Chipmunk saw lots of his friends there,he had a go on the score a goal stand and won a small sweetie,then he had a photograph taken with a *real* storm trooper ( he was a bit reticent about this,saying he was embarrassed,but in the end he was brave enough to stand next to the storm trooper and be clicked ) then he went to the sweet stall and chose a bag of pick and mix which we ate on the way back home.

For me being back in the junior school playground brought back lots of memories of two little boys who are now a lot bigger,but I guess that's another post :-)

On our way home we bumped onto Tiger,he was coming back from a day out with his friends and we were pleased to walk home with him.

Another school BBQ done and dusted,4 more to follow and what a difference I will see in this little boy during those years :-)

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