Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ghosts In The Playground

On Friday night I took Chipmunk to the junior school BBQ and as I stood on the playground I could feel the memories of Tiger and Sharky surround me.

It's been just four years since Sharky left juniors but it feels like a lifetime ago!

I can remember when Tiger started there,I was apprehensive because it was a new school and it was the first time any of the boys had been anywhere unfamiliar.
Up to that time they had been at the infant school where I had worked since before they were born,I knew everybody at the school and they knew me but at juniors they didn't know Tiger and I didn't know any of the teachers at all,so it was very different.

At Tigers first parent teacher meeting at juniors I found out that his teacher was fine and that after just six weeks she knew Tiger well enough to put me at ease.He spent four good years there and was involved with the school football team and the tag rugby team.He went on his first residential trip whilst at the juniors and I was sad to see Tiger leave juniors.

Sharky also had a good time at juniors,he was a much livelier character and incidents like splatting ink all over the newly decorated library and letting off stink bombs with his friends seem to stick in my mind!

It was while the boys were at juniors that I had Chipmunk and that's why Chipmunk's new teacher remembers him being born,as Tiger was in her year six class at the time.

So being on that school yard did bring back some memories of Tiger and Sharky when they were so much younger and now my last little boy is going to be going there ~ doesn't time fly.

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