Sunday, July 3, 2011


There's been fire on our cul de sac tonight,luckily nobody was hurt and it was put out quickly.

It was at bedtime,I had just put Chipmunk to bed,we had read a book about motorbikes and one chapter of the Horrible Princess and as I drew his curtains I saw lots of black swirling smoke,I glanced down and that's when I saw the flames and there was a lot of flames!

I shouted to Chipmunk and he rushed to the window,I don't think he believed his eyes!

We went downstairs and I went outside but Chipmunk wanted to stay in the house ( he was a bit scared I think. )

Outside lots of the neighbours had gathered and a couple of the men were marching about with spades,they started to throw soil on the fire and then one neighbour got a fire extinguisher and with a couple of blasts the fire began to die down.

By the time the fire engine arrived the fire was out!Our cul de sac has it's very own fire fighting heroes!

All seems to be ok,the fence is pretty damaged and nobody seems to know how it started.

Chipmunk came to look at the fire engine but was a bit overwhelmed by the size of it!

When he went to bed the fire engine was just going so he happily waved from the safety of his bedroom.

He said that he had seen the smoke whilst I was reading his story,he thought it was a BBQ!

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