Friday, July 22, 2011

2nd day of hols~it's all go :-)

We have been so busy today and it has been good.

The start to the day was unhurried,the radio was on Smooth,I had a warm cup of tea,Chipmunk was as usual noisily munching and crunching his cereal and Tiger was off to work.

After breakfast Chipmunk sorted through his comics while I did the dishes,put the washing in and sorted the bins out.
I then did a butterfly
colouring with Chipmunk.

We had toast about 10.30 and then read some books,after that we sorted our green house out and repotted the sunflower and the pea plant.Hopefully they may have more chance of survival in bigger pots,we have both made our minds up to care for them more and I think we will notice them more now they are out in the open.

We have found a pea pod growing though and this fascinated Chipmunk and me to be honest!

This afternoon we went to the park and Chipmunk played on the I Play.He *loves* the I Play and got up to level 4!

The I Play although fantastic does make people sweat and Chipmunk looked as tho he was going to burst after a while so he did have to come off and that did not please him at all!

We had a chippy chip cob for tea and then went to the children's youth club at church ( and that is another story )

It was a great day and we are happily tired out :-)

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