Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today Chipmunk and I went to the duck pond and it was so lovely,really peaceful and very green!Everything had grown loads,we couldn't even see Chipmunks favourite hiding place!

There were blue and white yachts bobbing about

and even the swans seemed more peaceful today and instead of chasing us they stayed in the water and let us feed them properly,instead of us throwing the seed in and then making a quick retreat!

One particular swan was almost letting Chipmunk feed it and when Chipmunk put some food on the concrete it would stretch it's head up and gently eat the food

This amused Chipmunk and he fed it loads.

We then noticed the swans webbed feet and laughed at the splashy noise it made as it lifted it's feet in and out of the water

As we walked around the lake we saw lots of different flowers...

little yellow buttercups

white ones growing up a tree

tall spiky ones

and some absolutely ginormous

We also collected some feathers from the ducks

Some of them were so soft and lovely to touch.
We've brought them home and stuck them in a planter to keep

We both enjoyed this trip out,I think it was just what we needed!

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