Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Day Of Holidays

This was a swings and roundabouts day but by far the best thing was Chipmunks swimming!

We had a wander round town before the lesson,all the usual haunts,the library,Primanio,M&S for a sandwich (there was none!) and the £1 shop of course!

We brought 3 pairs of swim shorts ( coz we got a swimmer in the family :-) ) and a pink surfer tee-shirt and it was decided that Chipmunk could choose which shorts to wear for swimming today.

We met Mamma at the swimming pool desk and had to get undressed quite quickly because it was nearly lesson time.
Chipmunk chose the stripey swim shorts (these were my favourites) and quickly got in the pool.

For a while Chipmunk complained about his foot hurting him,he did have a fall in town and I was wondering if he had twisted it but after a while he stopped mentioning it quite so much and swam beautifully.

Today the thing that *really* impressed me was how well Chipmunk used his arms!He used them alternately and seemed to be really pulling with them,it looked like he was really swimming and he moved so smoothly too,I was so very proud of him!

He had to jump in as well today and he managed all 3 jumps by himself!The second time all the children jumped in together and Chipmunk did it!He also sneaked a crafty third jump when it was playtime,that thrilled him!

All the children got splashed by Jenny,which they loved and they splashed back excitedly!

Jenny ended the session by saying 'See you in September!'

We have booked for the new session already!

Iam so glad Chipmunk has done these lessons,he is coming along brilliantly and it is such a positive thing to do with him each week!
Swimming rules!

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