Friday, July 8, 2011

Duckling 2!

Woohoo Chipmunk has got Duckling 2 award at swimming!

For this award one of the major things he had to do was put his face in the water.This was not easy at all for Chipmunk!He does not like his face getting wet at all!

Last week his teacher told him to practice in the bath just putting his face under the water for a while.
He tried this in the shower but he really didn't like it at all and I did have my doubts wether he would be able to do it.

But do it he did and boy isn't he proud that he got a Duckling 2 award!And so am I!

His grandad came to watch him swim this week,which was lovely.
And afterwards we all went home for sausage and chips!

His Duckling 2 Swimming Badge

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