Tuesday, September 17, 2013

View From A Hill
Stood high on a hill top, looking down,
At patchwork fields lying all around.
Theres a blustery wind blowing through my hair
But it's so beautiful here,I haven't a care.
Greens and yellows,greys and blues
The colours are vibrant and so is the view.
Down in the valley lies a little farm
When it's dogs started barking I ran in alarm!
Motorbikes go tearing,up the hill,then zooming round the bends
Engines screeching,the noise never seeming to end.
The stone clad walls so fascinated me
A jigsaw made of stone,what a sight to see.
Clouds in the sky, not seeming to move at all
Still,grey and silent,looking like rain would eventually fall.
Apart from cars and bikes,all was still,
I stood and looked until I'd had my fill.
Actually though,I could have stayed there for hours,
In the pretty patchwork countryside,looking at trees,fields and flowers.


  1. You put prose and photographs together beautifully my dear :)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Kate,your comment made me smile sooooooooooo much!Thank you!My middle son was half laughing and half '' Muuuuuum!'' when I read it too him. And yes,I was so pleased that I DID read it too him!Ahh,you just have to catch nice comments whenever they fly your way,I feel :-) x