Saturday, September 21, 2013

Repeat Play#1 Pyro

Read here to see what Repeat Play is all about. My first song choice is Pyro by The Kings Of Leon.

I really love this song,the music is great and I like his voice and once I hear it,I want to play it again and again.

But,the words....

I'm not so keen on the words.

He sings that he will not be her cornerstone.

So what is a cornerstone,let's see...

It is usually the first stone at the corner of a building.
An important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

And there is this man singing that he won't be her cornerstone.

Well I know some might think that at least he is being truthful,I think it's not good enough.

What exactly does he mean?

Is he not to be depended on? I see no point in him being there then if he can't be depended on. Nobody should be in a relationship with someone they can't depend on,it's not good if you can't count on your partner to be there when you need them.

And why is he like this? Why can't he grow up and support his partner,instead of just singing that he won't be her cornerstone. Basically it's just not good enough. So although I love the music in this song,the words make me very cross and I end up exclaiming "Why won't you be her cornerstone!!!"

It makes me a bit growly!

But it is on my repeat play list and once I hear it,I do repeat play it....even if I do think the man is a right flaky character!

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