Monday, September 16, 2013

The Big Pool

A group of 10 little swimmers stood in a line,their bodies bobbing up and down in excitement and anticipation.

Nobody was still in that line. The excitement and nerves had totally taken over and all that could be seen was hands flickering,fingers tapping their legs,knees bending,feet that were moving even though the children were stood in a line and the line was going nowhere. 

Not yet anyway.

But the children knew where the line was heading. Somewhere where they wanted to go but somewhere that held a touch of the unknown for them ~ the big pool! 

Yes,the big pool. Where the water is deeper,much,much deeper and colder too and your feet can only just touch the ground and if you ever get to swim to the top end of the big pool your feet can't touch the ground at all! Not even a bit.
And that's why the children in the line were all of a move,it was their time to see what it felt like to go into the big pool. 

My Chips glanced across at me and grinned,he always grins. I grinned back. Who was more nervous I'm not sure. Probably him,he was the one who had to actually do this but I was also nervous and very proud too. He was going in the big pool!

The swimmers followed their teacher along the swimming bath floor and through a big blue see through door. The air hit you as you walked through that door,just like the water was colder in the big pool so was the whole atmosphere. 

And it was so big in there. Benches where parents could sit, rose right up, nearly to the ceiling,no cramped nearly sitting on each others knees in there. If you wanted a bit of solitude this was a good place to find it. It was like going from a sardine can to Wembley arena,so much space. And what did the parents do....? We all huddled together of course! Habits are hard to break!

And then there was the water. A big expanse of water. It was cordoned of into lanes and at the far end swimmers were doing laps up and down. 

A lot to take in for the little group of excited swimmers who were now sat dangling their legs over the side of the pool,dipping their toes into the cold water. 

The teacher explained that four people would get a turn to see how far they could swim and then everybody would get a chance to swim to the flags,which were maybe five metres in distance. 

The first person to have a turn was a little girl (M) she started to swim and just kept on going. And going and going! She did her 25metres,just like that! We couldn't believe it! We had only seen her swim in the small pool and that was up to ten metres. To see her swim 25 metres was amazing. We were absolutely choked! Even now I think wow!
A couple more children had a go and then it was Chips turn. He slid into the pool and then did backstroke up to the flags. It was fab! My mum and I were so proud,so absolutely proud. And so was he! 

After they all had had a turn at back stroke they all got the chance to jump in,individually and swim front crawl style from the flags to the beginning of the pool.
Chips did great. He said he forgot to breathe and he also said that at least he didn't sink,which is always good!

It was a very different little line of children that went back into the little pool that afternoon. You could almost feel the relief of the children. They had done it! Yay!

And the little pool felt like home. What was seen before as the unbearable heat was seen as comforting now,all cosy and warm. And it felt safe. It's good to move on and try something new but it's always so good to come back home.

And my favourite bit was when it was playtime. The children embraced it totally. Little bodies where everywhere in the pool!Jumping in the water,swimming with surfboards and going up and down the slide. They were truly happy,you could see it and feel it.

All that packed into a half hour swim lesson!

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  1. This is a lovely post, a very different place the big pool. So glad it went so well :0)

    1. Thanks Jane,our learning to swim journey has been a long one,but we are getting there and it is so worth it!And I do love to see the children progressing each week

  2. awww what a really lovely post, that confidence is something to cherish.

    thank you for linking up and sharing with #MagicMoments xx

    1. Evening Jaime,sorry its taken me all week to reply,Im a slow coach!It is lovely to see the childrens confidence growing,I think this swimming lark is a real good thing :-) nighty night x

  3. I remember all this, brought it all back! I still can't touch the deep end now! I'm glad it went well xx

    1. Hi Hannah *waves over to you* do you know Im not ultra confident in the deep end either. I can do enough to keep myself safe and thats about it!My swimming skills are very outdated! x