Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ordinary Moments

I just adore this photo,so very much.
I love the way Chips cuddly monkey is swinging 
And the brightly coloured summery clothes that Chips has on
We had been out walking and got lost,yet again,but we were still happy.
A ''Lets hold hands'' kind of walk.
I can still feel the feel of the walk a week later
When I got back home and saw this photo it summed it up
A summery walk,with his cuddly and his mummy,how perfect is that.

Linking up to Katies lovely new linky The Ordinary Moments 
The idea is to post a photo of a everyday thing that captures how life is at this moment in time.There are some really nice posts on this linky,to see more go here


  1. How sweet - I love it when stuffies come on family walks!

    1. Thanks Carie,we had such a nice gentle time out on that walk and the monkey made it even more fun :-)

  2. This is lovely Jess, is monkey his favourite? We are yet to have proper favourites here yet, although we have a stuffed dog that comes most places with us called Pongo after 101 Dalmations.
    I think it sums up summer perfectly! Thank you so much for joining in. :)

    1. Hello Katie,everytime I look at this photograph I still love it,to me it has a 'feel' about it,I remember how it felt in the hot sun and how we walked and chattered away. I guess it was a feel good sort of day and thats what I must be feeling when I see the photo.
      Yes the monkey is one of his favourites,his favourite is Owly - a purple much loved and tattered and torn owl,now he has been on a adventure or two!Stuck on school roofs and all kinds of things!
      Pongo sounds great,isnt it funny how our children 'decide' which toy becomes their favourite,we can buy them all the most appealing cuddly toys in the world but ultimately its their decision in the end,which is how it should be I guess :-)

  3. These are the precious ordinary moments that keep our hearts warm and give us memories that will make us feel good even on days that are not so bright. Sounds like a lovely walk for the three of you. There needs to be more simple activities like this for everyone, and less time parked in front of tv and such!

    1. Morning Josie *waves over to you* Yes I think you are right about the ordinary moments being so very important to us.I guess we have more ordinary moments than we do big occasion moments,so it makes sense to make the majority count. These school holidays we havent been able to do anything outstandingly exciting,so I have tried to build in plenty of ordinary moments in the hope that the boys will remember the feel of summer and of a mum who loves them so very much.We have spent our time roaming around any green space I could find,we have got lost SO many times its untrue but along the way we have talked and chattered away and Im pretty gobsmacked just how much knowledge the boys have picked up about our locality - now that does make me smile. Wishing you a super Jess x