Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Backs
This post is to add to my Add A Memory section where I keep all my old family memories.
It's about where I used to play when I was at home at my parents house. We called it The Backs
I lived in a terraced house when I was younger. To the front was a tiny garden and the houses were raised up from the pavement level ,you had to climb up about seven or eight steep steps to reach them. This meant that not many people passed your house even though it was a terraced house. Now, I can see how lucky that is,back then I took it for granted,as kids tend to do.
We had a yard and a garden and then at the back of the houses was a bit of space,enough to just squeeze a car down,and then parallel to that was the back of the next street of houses.
This is what we called the backs and this is where we played and spent most of our free time.

There was quite a mixed bunch of kids,girls and boys from the age of four to teens and we all mixed in.

The game of choice was usually football and you had to play football or you didn't fit in. Someone would be in the goal and then the others would scramble around in our own made up version of the beautiful game. It's from those days that I got my love of football. It's not so evident these days,life moves on and other things came into my life...mainly kids but I still do have a soft spot for football as a sport and remember the old days and the old rivalries that there used to be. I used to like Forest and my friend next door but one was the Liverpool supporter and Chris up the backs supported Man Utd,it made for some interesting times! At that age you are really passionate about stuff and we used to tease each other unmercifully if one of our teams lost.

I guess we would do other things too but playing football is the thing I remember most.

We would sometimes just hang around and sit on the edge of the kerb watching the world go by. It wasn't often we went to play in each others houses,I guess not many parents wanted a gang of kids that size rampaging around their homes and we never even really went in each others yards and gardens,time was mostly spent on the backs and the surrounding nearby streets.

There wasn't many fall outs either to say there were so many kids of different ages,we all just mingled in together and any differences were soon sorted out.

Looking back at those days I can see we had some fun times and when I walk up to my mums I still remember those days and the gang who I used to play with. 

Anybody else remember any of your childhood haunts or the games you used to play?

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