Saturday, September 21, 2013

School News #2
This week has been a rainy old week. Not so bad in the mornings,just damp and sometimes drizzly,enough to make your hair go manic though! It's been cold too. On the days were the skies were blue, the weather was extremely chilly and hands and fingers felt cold,maybe even cold enough for gloves. One little boy is not yet in his coat though,preferring to just walk in his sweatshirt,to be honest he would walk in his polo shirt if I let him but I draw the line at that. He always comes out of school with just his polo shirt on though,come rain or shine. Its not far to our house though so I tend to think if he was really bothered by the weather he would put it on. To say its only September it's pretty cool out there. No Indian summer up to yet.

Most mornings this week I have had to wake Chips up. He seems to be getting quite a sleepy head when it comes to waking up. He has had a couple of later nights and I guess it's showing. 

For a couple of days this week he had carried a conker around in his pocket. It seems to mean a lot to him. I cringe,as I wait for the day he loses it or someone takes it away from him. But up to yet the conker lives! 
Thank goodness!

On Monday Chips saw a rainbow at school,gotta love rainbows! 

Friday it was Jeans For Genes day and I think Chips looked really cool in his jeans and school sweatshirt. I hope the school managed to raise loads of money as its for such a good cause. 

Chips,reading book this week,is a football story,about TJ,a eleven year old boy who loves football. Chips has read 130 pages and seems to be liking the story,he takes it to bed with him and carries it downstairs every morning,so I think it's fair to assume that he is enjoying it. 

The sock saga is still carrying on. Today my friend said to him "Have you got your socks on" and he proudly said "Yes"
Then he looked at us,grinned and said "I actually didn't do PE today"
So that's why the socks were on!! It made me and my friend really giggle. 

Oh and this is a bit of rosy....late last night I looked in Chips school bag,mainly to see what homework we were up against this week and I found that last weeks homework had been marked and Chips had got all his maths right! I was so pleased,especially as he had done it all independently.I don't think I even went near the table as he was working.This made me really happy and then I checked his homework diary and his teacher had written "Chip really impressed me with his reading this week. Well done Chips." I loved that because if there is anything you need to know about Chips,it's that he loves reading and he loves books.And it looks like his new teacher now knows this. I went to bed feeling happy after finding those two little pieces of niceness,a good way to end school news 2.


  1. I love this post, it's so natural and positive that it really made me smile. Yay for Chips and his reading, bless his, often absent, socks!

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thanks Kate! I have been to see his teacher today about the sock issue,he was lovely but said there was not a lot he could do. Damn flippin socks!
      Im loving writing about Chips school days,he only has two years left at juniors and I want to remember as much as possible!