Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm not ready for the summer to end,not at all.
I have enjoyed seeing young Chips running around in shorts all summer long. I can't even imagine him in trousers now,especially not school trousers.
We have all enjoyed the lazy mornings and a couple of mornings this week I even got a lie in past eight o'clock,that was nice,really nice.

I like the evenings,there is no pressure on any of us,if we want to laze around we can,without death and destruction occurring the following morning. That is a precious feeling,one that I really appreciate. The slowing down of time and life compared with the usual impossible busyness that leaves you with head spinning brain frazzle that hurts and a feeling of total collapsation,not nice or good for anybodys health. 
  I enjoy seeing the boys interact together. Yes they do argue and torment each other 90% of the time but the other 10% is great. They run and chase each other,they play football together,they curl up on the settee together,they spot aeroplanes together,they chatter,they giggle and it is good. 
I like getting out into the fresh air on a daily basis,I'm hoping I can keep this up as much as possible,the fresh air is helping me to breathe just lately,without it I struggle to smile as much.

This has been the summer of ups and downs and round and rounds,of making do with a little and finding a lot,of finding peace in whatever tiny space its hiding and holding on to it tightly because even a little peace is better than none,right?

The summer of getting lost continually,everyday and then getting found.

There was the Saturday morning breakfast club that begin as a one off treat and became a weekly occurrence but still such a treat. We have got the order down to a tee and now nobody says the words flying start without grinning.
And its there that we have learnt the noble art of pouring tea from a teapot - ain't we posh.

We have visited every single park in the whole vicinity of where we live. Every single one! Twice over. 
Slides,trim trails,roundabouts and swings are us. And talking about swings,we have swung on swings till our tummies have flipped and made us squeal inside. Racing on swings to see who can get the highest,the stuff of childhood for sure.Just like the spinning on roundabouts,it may be free and simple but it don't half make you laugh.

It was the summer of the Capri Sun - if there was a Capri Sun in my bag you were set for an adventure, Capri Suns mean go.

Lots of reasons why I'm not ready to see the summer go. Go it will though,I hope the autumn is kind to us.

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