Monday, September 23, 2013

 Footy Boots 
The letter came home about the school footy club last weekend. It seemed ok. For children of all abilities it said. And it was on a night that we had free - Friday. 

"Hey I think you should try this out" I said to Chips.
He looked a bit doubtful and gave me a garbled story about how the letter wasn't the proper letter and that his teacher would be giving them a different letter later on next week.
I was a bit bemused but I didn't sign the letter and we didn't send it in and I waited to receive another footy letter from school but one never arrived. 

Roll on to Thursday evening. 

Chips then decides he is desperate to go to this footy club,absolutely desperate.
By this time I have displaced the letter and we have not got the right kit for footy club. No boots and no shin pads. The essential items.

We had tears. Lots and lots of tears.

I knew somewhere in this house we would have a pair of footy boots that would do the job.But where?
It was late in the evening,I had been on the go all day,school run,work,shopping,swim lessons,sorting out dinner,there was no way I could locate a suitable pair of boots. They could be anywhere, the garage,the loft and they were not places I wanted to search at 7.30 on a Thursday night.

During the screaming habdabs Chips big brother walked in from playing footy himself. He ruffled Chips hair and asked what was wrong. He thought he knew where some boots were and went off to search the garage. Unfortunately the boots were not the size twos that we needed,they were size fours and they were that bit too big,even with footy socks on,to be safe.

The tears returned. It was nearing the end of the week and Chips was tired. It was a unhappy little boy that was eventually tucked up in bed that night.

Friday came and that evening as I was cooking dinner T walked in and went through to the lounge. I didn't think much more of it until i got called to go through to the lounge. There stood a very proud little boy dressed in a football kit....shorts,socks,shin pads and new shiny boots.

I couldn't believe my eyes! And even now I can't say which bit made me more proud and teary....the little boy who was prouder than proud stood in his first pair of footy boots or the bigger boy who had done all this for his little brother.

It was one of those moments that you don't forget in a hurry.

The boots were a perfect fit,everything was,the socks,the shorts,it was all spot on.

Young Chips was over the moon. He never took those boots and shin pads off all night. He took them upstairs with him when he went to bed and he carried them down stairs and put them on first thing when he woke up on Saturday morning.

I was over awed at what T had done for his little brother. Earlier in the week he had also brought his other brother tickets for a concert of one of his favourite singers.

To me this is magical,it really is. I'm proud of you biggest son of mine,you are showing real care for your brothers and this makes me very happy. You're a good un! 

I thought this would be perfect to link up at Jaimes Magic Moments


  1. That is so lovely, I wish my brother had been that nice to me when I was smaller! Maybe I should have been nicer to him?

    1. Hee! You made me smile! These two do get on very well,there is 10yrs between them and Chips has always been treated well by his big bro - its lovely to see

  2. awww what a really thoughtful son you have, thats such a really lovely thing to do!

    thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    1. Hiya Jaime,yep it was a really kind thing for him to do.Iam very proud of him :-)

  3. That's a lovely story - you must feel proud of your oldest son. Can't wait to read how Chips' football goes.

    Touchline Dad

    1. Thanks for your comment and yes Iam incredibly proud of my son for treating his little brother so well. Its the sort of thing that melts a parents heart isnt it.
      As for Chips football...I have got him in footy club and he starts on Friday,we are all so excited :-)

  4. That's great! Good job, big brother! Years ago, I had a boy who would take off his soccer stuff - and I still have a hard time getting him to take off his shin guards. His step-dad calls him "Young Master Shin-Guard", and I only get him to remove them by telling him that they smell bad.

    1. Now this comment really made me smile,I could really picture it!

  5. Sorry for the late replies to your comments everyone. I had a fall recently and this is the first time I have opened my lappy in a long time. Trying to be fitter....boy didnt THAT plan backfire! Grrr!