Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Autumn
Dear Autumn
Hello and welcome back! 
 As sad as Iam to see summer go,Iam so very happy to think that you are on your way back to visit us. 
 Why...? Because I love you Autumn,I always have. 
 I like the feel of you,when I feel your nip in the air I just dress up warmly in clothes that snuggle me and go for walks in the fresh,cooler air that you bring. The winds that blow start to change from warm summery breezes to cooler,brisker,blustery winds,that make the trees rustle and the fallen leaves dance along the ground. I love this feel,I truly do. 

You bring such wonderful changes in nature dear autumn. 

The colours all around are so beautiful as summer ends and you take over and turn the green leaves into reds,yellows,oranges.
Crunchy leaves on the ground that you can swishily kick through.
Those little seeds that fall to the ground about this time of year,we call them helicopters you throw them up in the air and they spin to the ground like the rotor blades of a helicopter. I hazard a guess that they may be sycamore seeds but I'm very unsure of that me they are helicopters and ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by them,I still am!
Conkers! Anyone who knows me well will know that I love conkers. I love to take the boys out to find conkers and I find conkers in all kinds of strange places like my handbags,coat pockets etc all year round,don't ask me why,I just do. So I have to love you, the season that brings conkers,obviously.

All the little festivals that occur throughout this time of year - harvest,halloween,bonfire night,that gradual build up towards the big one,Christmas. I love the feel of it all and I can remember as a little girl feeling so excited about those things,that feeling stayed for years and years,it may not be quite as passionate these days but I still remember it.
I have a feel of being cosy and snug when you arrive Autumn. The nights start to draw in and it begins to drop dark earlier and earlier. Street lights start to turn on earlier and it's good to get home and snuggle up on the sofa after a brisk walk has blown all the cobwebs away. 

I think this sums you up to me Autumn,how contrasting you make me feel. The cooler weather but the snuggly clothes,the summer flowers dying but the beautiful changes in leaves,the darker nights returning but the sparkly lights being turned on to combat the darkness. To me it is comforting.
And talking about comforting... there is the return of big warm dinners. Dinners that warm you up,soups and stews,jacket potatoes,bonfire night grub...nice and my kind of cooking,see,even my cooking gets better in the autumn! I guess Iam truly a Autumn person!
I even like the snuggle up television programmes that come onto our screens when you appear Autumn. Saturday night tv at its best,for all that's worth!

So I'll say it again,welcome back Autumn,it's nice to see you again.

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  1. Yes, it rained all day here in Utah, and I made stuffed squash and apple pie. Something inside of me is feeling harvest-y. :)