Sunday, September 15, 2013

School News.
Well Chips seems to be settling into year five. He is very quiet about it all and this is out of character. It's been a big change for him,a new teacher,upper school and the reorganisation of his classmates,quite a lot to deal with and I'm wondering if that's why he's quiet. There's no gossip and school life chitter chatter spilling readily from his lips these days and at home time he walks up to greet me. No running,no shouting madly,no bag slung across the playground,just a little boy appearing at my side and looking up at me without a word. He says he's ok when asked but as his mum I can sense the change has shaken him. Hopefully he will soon get used to these new changes. 

Thinking about it,it has only been just over a week so in hindsight I think he has done incredibly well.
Isn't it funny what writing words down does! I began writing this post to capture the little tiny bits of Chips school life. I thought I may do it every couple of weeks or monthly. And in doing so I have answered my own thoughts about Chips quietness regarding school.
It's been one week! Eight days to be precise. Of course he is taking it all in. It's all different and eight days is no time at all. Time moves so fast,doesn't it?I feel that the kids have been back at school forever now. But they haven't! They have just done eight days. So for me and any other mum who is thinking or worrying about any changes in behaviour they can see in their child,or about of their little one is not eating enough at school or the classic one if their child had got any friends,let's step back and give them some space and time to find their feet before we worry too much,eight days is not a long time for them to get used to school life and within a month things may look all so different. 

So back to Chips! 

Well he has bought spellings home this week and his first piece of year five maths homework and at first glance I can't do it!!! What's that about! Hopefully if I look again,very carefully it will all become clear,maybe....
He also has a project. This needs to be started sooner rather than later because I don't want that panic feeling as a project deadline approaches,not for me or him. Not so nice that feeling. 
His reading book this week was called The Invisible Dog and this was quite apt as this book got lost amongst the washing pile for two days this week!I had searched the whole house for it and was glad to find it,although I did have a wry smile when I found out just where it had been hiding.That washing pile will be the death of us all!
So those aspects of school are starting again with a bang. 

Something that made me smile/wince was the fact that he came home yesterday without his socks on. He was in a hurry to get dressed from PE and socks are his nemesis. I winced because I don't want him walking around without socks all day. I smiled at the way his mate told me,by lifting his trouser legs up and saying "Chips looks different to me" and then looking pointedly at Chips.
At this point Chips had that kind of look on his face that told me instantly that something was amiss and he reluctantly pulled his trousers up to reveal that he had no socks on. Actually I'm now wondering where those socks are! Maybe I should find out before I find dirty school socks that have been in his school bag for weeks!
We need to practice,yet again,sock putting on *sigh*

Oh the other big news this week is that the guinea pigs have been in Chips class. Yes Jerry and his rascal brother Ben have spent the week in 5P. Chips has held Ben! I'm not too sure what the young guinea pig has been up to but it has warranted a mention in the school newsletter so it must have been something. It was even said that if he didn't behave he may have a detention! Rascal Ben!

And that is week one of school news.


  1. You are so right that as we blog our thoughts and concerns, we are often able to release a bit of the attached emotion and get a better perspective. It does take time to find your way in new and intimidating situations, I'll be praying for Chips that within a month or two he will feel right at home. I've had that same bewildered feeling starting out at new jobs! I'm glad the guinea pig visit was a success and hopefully that gave Chips something happy to share with you at the end of day! :-)

  2. Thanks Josie,your prayers are very welcome and muchly appreciated.
    The guinea pigs did indeed give Chips something positive to talk about. He loves animals and is enthralled by the antics of the school guinea pigs. He held one this week,the rascal one!
    It was funny how getting my thoughts down on the blog helped me assess the situation fully. It's good to write things down sometimes!
    I too have moved department at work this September and change can be a tiring old thing. Lots to remember and take on board.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday,lv Jess x