Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Walk

On a cold,blowy,wintery day we wrapped up warm ( incredibly warm,try cap,hoody hood and coat hood warm,to get the full extent of my wrapping up warm skills,oh and a chunky scarf wrapped around Chipmunks neck) and took a walk to some woods near our home.

I needed to get out the house and have some fresh air,I hadn't been any where green for ages and really needed to clear my head.

It was great up at the woods,not many people around,infact we only saw two dog walkers the whole time we were there.

We played!Spun on the tyre swing,threw sticks and had a fab game of hide and seek.I actually couldn't find Chipmunk when he hid and that was a little bit spooky,I knew he was there but couldn't see him anywhere,he was infact hiding out of the woods at a little gate next to the path,sat in all the mud!

I always feel better when I have been to the woods,I'm not sure why but they calm me and I genuinely like being outside,no matter what the weather.

And as a added bonus I have got some photos to remember our walk by and I bet when the going gets tough and stressful as it does around Christmas time,I will look back at these photos and smile.

stick throwing fun

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