Monday, December 31, 2012


I've seen quite a few looky back at 2012 blog posts and this has encouraged me to look back at 2012... only there is a slight problem...when I look back Iam inclined to get a bit sad and gloomy so I thought I'd do things a little bit differently

And here it is... random words thrown around... will they have any meaning when I look back at this... perhaps... perhaps not... we will have to see

Olympics  Hamsters Swimming
Twitter Mates Scooter
6th Form Children's Church Walks Woods jobs Girlfriends         Bacon    
Rainy Olympic Torch Day
          Sticky Toffee Pudding         feeding ducks
  Washing Line           Gangnam Style                           PotNoodles 
Friends ~ near and far,everyday and my bezzie mates who live in my phone  
Hot Dogs  
Twitter Food,Real Twitter Food
 Swim Parent Helper  The Wishing Chair Corrie

Just a few random words that have popped in my head ~ 2012

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