Friday, December 7, 2012

The Day Mr H Left

Dear Chippie,
I wonder if you will remember the day Mr H left your junior school... I know I will for certain!

Mr H isn't your teacher,he teaches in the other year four class and he happens to be a very popular teacher,with both kids and adults.
He's one of these teachers that everyone wants to be in his class.He's a good guy and a friendly guy,he walks up and down the school drive with the children at home time and the children are always chattering away to him and hanging off his arm.
This is how I first came across Mr H,he was waiting at the school gates chattering to the children as they went home and Chipmunk ran up to him and Mr H ruffled Chippies hair and he knew his name.
Now Chipmunk had only been at the school for 4 or more weeks and was a young year 3 school child and Mr H was a year six teacher and I was quite amazed at how Mr H would know his name,I did have a wry suspicion that either Chipmunks behaviour or his character had drawn Mr H to recognise and remember him!But anyway it did alert me to Mr H and the fact that the children did adore him.

In July when we found out who the children's new class teachers were we saw that Mr H had moved from year six to year four,my first thought was of disappointment as Chipmunks class hadn't got him but I soon found out that Chipmunks new teacher had a brilliant reputation and I have since been so impressed with her teaching,I'm so glad Chipmunk had her.

Well on Monday night we were waiting for the children to be let out of their classrooms and after the bell had rung along came the rush of children but as we looked closely w noticed that some of them were crying.
We didn't have long to wait until Chipmunk came bombing round shouting Mr H is leaving!
More and more children began to pour round the corner of the playground and they were pretty much hysterical and that is not a exaggeration!

We walked up the school drive and all you could see was groups of children huddled with their parents sobbing!

Those children had taken the news really badly!

To be honest Chipmunk I'm so glad that you are not in that class as I think it would totally throw you,you are a emotional minefield on a good day so any major change half way through the school term would be pretty disastrous.

And as for Mr H,hes going back to practise law,it seems that a easier job than teaching these days!I wish him all the good luck in the world,he was a teacher that so many children truly worshipped and I know that he will be really missed.

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