Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maths Superstar!

Now this has really caught our imaginations... Chipmunk is a 'Maths Superstar at school!

I had heard Chipmunk talk about the maths superstar thing in the past but I didn't really know what it entailed... now I do!

When you are chosen to be the maths superstar your name is read out in assembly,you get a certificate presented to you from the headteacher and you get to chose between a bangle or a pencil to take home and keep.But the best thing,the very bestest thing is that you have a special badge,a little bit like a old fashioned monitors badge thst says Maths Staron it and you wear that badge every day for a whole two weeks!So the whole school knows who the maths star is!Wow!How special!

Chipmunk is incredibly excited and proud to be chosen as maths star.
He is planning to wear his badge everyday,even at the weekend!And as its only two weeks till the Christmas holidays he will be the last Maths Star of 2012.What a honour!

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