Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Loft Shop

This afternoon I have been to the loft shop.

Most people go to regular shops when they need a new coat for their children but I,and especially just lately,go the Loft Shop.

It's not far to the Loft Shop but it is tricky.
Lots of ladders to manoeuvre and set up and climb up and down.
Its dark in the Loft Shop and you can really hear the wind blowing up there,it's dusty too and cluttered,very,very cluttered.

I'm not selling it very well am I!Because even with these drawbacks the Loft Shop can hold some treasures and if you are extremely lucky it can even have the very thing you are looking for.
I must say that this is rare tho and you more than not find the Halloween dressing up at Easter time and the Easter Baskets at Christmas time and as for the Christmas tree lights,well don't get me started on those because somehow they are never where I put them away but you can guarantee that when I put the Christmas decorations back in the Loft Shop the Christmas Tree lights will miraculously appear doing a song and dance with every single bulb working ~ tricky devils they are.

Well today I went to get the Christmas decorations down but I also wanted to see if I could find a coat for Chipmunk.
After his unwanted skill in breaking coat zips within six weeks of having a new coat I am getting quite desperate for coats and I thought there might be one of the boys old coats up there.

Unfortunately there wasn't,as luck would have it there was two lovely thick winter costs and one was just a touch too small and the other was just a touch too big,flip!!So close but yet so far.

There must be one in there somewhere coz the big one was Tigers and I know Sharky had a matching one.But that's the trouble with the Loft Shop,it's not easy to find stuff,no things hung on hangers in age related sizes,more like 10,000 dusty bags all tightly knotted,that you have to fight your way into and if you hit the jackpot you think yay but if you don't you have to tie the whole bag back up and try again and sometimes again and again.

This time I was unlucky but I did manage to find some Christmas decs so all was not lost.
And as for the coat...I guess I need to take a trip somewhere where they make coats with unbreakable zips,I have the feeling I may be searching for a very long time.

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