Sunday, December 30, 2012

Six Word Saturday

''Go,Go,Go,little Red Mini''

As of now I'am a Scalextric dude!

Yep I can race a car with the best of them!

57 laps I managed to keep that little red mini on the race track,57 Laps good or what!!!

I've even got a strategy going now,speed up on the straights and slooooow down before the tight corners.Genius or what!

My theory is:

if you can't beat em,join em

It will be the X Box next lads,you wait and see,your mothers not about to be beaten :-)

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I know this is a day late but I did write it yesterday so it is technically a Six Word Sat Post!


  1. I was... and am NO good at those games.... for some reasons my sons got it right away and I would instantly die..... oh well..... good luck kicking those boys butts....

    Happy New Year Jess!

  2. LOL! That's more than I can manage I my Xbox! And I play racing games! I used to be able to play racing games all day, but now I can only play for about half an hour before I get bored.... I got a real car now! : )