Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas 2012,Tiger (20 ~ ouch) Sharky (16) and Chippie (8) here's what I want and need to remember

I want to remember waking up too the sound of rustling wrapping paper...I lay there for a few minutes just listening to the sounds knowing soon that I would be shook awake by a excited little boy,I looked at my phone and it was exactly 7.35,not that bad I guess!Mind you I hadn't gone to sleep till 3am so I was totally bleary.Chipmunk came down stairs saying that Santa had indeed come and had bought him some 'trunk fit boxers' good old Santa!

I want to remember sitting in the boys room and watching Chipmunk undo his stocking,present by present,exclaiming over everything,he just loved it all.I sat on the floor,Sharky was curled up in his bunk throwing out the occasional witty sharp remark and Tiger was yawning away in the top bunk.
We had rubbish Christmas tunes on the radio and we got a hamster out,as you do on Christmas morning :-)

I want to remember Christmas Dinner down at my mums,tons of family there,kiddiewinks,teens,oldies ( that was us) and all fitting round my mums,I need a bigger table.
The poor woman spends her life wondering and pondering how she will fit her ever growing family around her table and I'm not even joking!
I was let into the inner sanctum and allowed to help put the dinner out,you should have seen all the carrots,literally hundreds of them!And as for the was like stirring a cauldron full!

I want to remember watching tv with the kids...first Dr Who with the teens,I was sat scrunched on a small soft stool and they were all on the sofa,I'm not usually good with Dr Who (I lose the plot) but this time I was determined to stick with it and I did and then the younger two came in and I was promoted to the sofa and we watched Fireman Sam ( which I found easier to understand)

I want to remember the present Tiger bought me,with some of his first wages,it was a Jack Wills bag.Now I have wanted a Jack Wills bag all year,ever since I saw Sharkys girlfriend with one & I couldn't believe he had thought that hard and got me one.It meant a lot to me,a awful lot!My mum said she had nearly cried when he had shown it too her and I was the same!

I want to remember sitting with Sharky at the end of the night eating matchmakers and watching Corrie,a perfect end to the night,except I felt a bit squidgly sick when I went too sleep,apparently too many matchmakers are not always a good thing!

It was a good day and everybody was happy,not much more to ask for than that is there.


  1. Christmas is made up of memories..... and yours are just fab, so glad that you got what you wanted, well done boys!! xx

    1. Thanks Elly :-) it was the only pressie I received and I loved it VERY much!Who said boys cant choose pressies!