Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Boy

A lot of things have happened to my boy recently.

Firstly he has got a job!

It's in a garage doing a bit of everything and most importantly it pays a weekly wage ~ woohoo my boy is getting money!

What a difference money is making too his life!He can go out with his mates,buy Christmas pressies and learn to drive!

He is working so very hard,8-5,Monday to Friday and then still doing his car washing on Saturday,a six day week,not much time for rest that's for sure!

He's out in all weathers and starting at the bottom rung of the ladder but I think it's just what he needs,a bit of responsibility and a short sharp jump into the real world... a world where you have a boss and you have deadlines and you have to turn up on a daily basis and be on time too.

The night he came home with his first wage packet was magic... all that money!He had a grin as wide as anything and I was quite emotional to see my boy's first wage slip,it seemed such a big thing,my boy with his own wage packet,it did make me gulp a bit!

He starts driving lessons on Monday and I'm so excited for him!Finally it seems to be coming together for him and it's great to see!

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