Monday, December 24, 2012


As I've come to bed I have just stood looking at you Chipmunk and I was pondering just what you are dreaming about.

Would it be Santa getting ready for the big day or would it be about the reindeer's getting themselves ready to fly.

Would you be thinking about what presents Santa was going to bring you?You have seen Santa twice tonight,once in his grotto in town and then again tonight at church.We also read a Santa book at bedtime and you laughed happily at the escapades of a very clumsy Santa ~ so Santa is definitely in your mind tonight.

Meeting Santa at church
Will you be thinking of waking up early tomorrow so we can go shopping,you love this tradition as all your brothers do.
Tomorrow though T will be working,so no shopping trip for him,now that is a end of a era!And as always,when a era ends I always feel a little sting.
And S is going to the pantomime with his girlfriend,so no shopping for him either!Things are a changing Chipmunk!

I wonder if you dream of the North Pole and Lapland,where it is oh so snowy and white and where the snowmen talk and the reindeer fly and Santa lives with Mrs Claus and the elves work happily making toys for all children all sound the world.

Whatever dreams you are having I hope they are sweet ones little boy ~ just two more sleeps Chipmunk and then it's Santa!

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