Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Is Coming

Now that the good weather is here I can sense summer is finally coming.

Everybody is wearing summery clothing and the suncream is being applied on a daily basis.

Chipmunk is going to school in just his white polo shirt & trews.No coat.No jumper even!And with his sunglasses and cap on,he looks one cool kid.

We are on countdown to the half term break and boy is that needed,especially for these boys who have been taking plenty of exams recently.

And there is that summer feeling in the air because the end of yet another school year is creeping up on us!

Yes the big school break looms,the time of year I adore.Six whole weeks with the boys at home ~ I love it!

Getting up whenever we like.No homework.No routines (well I will have a few routines as a small chap here likes routines)

And I'm going to appreciate all the little things that I mourn losing at the beginning of September;

Tan marks on little arms & legs,
Playing out in just socks & shorts,
Hair bleached blonder by the sun,
Fresh air,lots of outdoor playing.
Little voices chattering to me wherever I go.

To me this is the good bit.The lead up.Anticipating the happy times ahead.

Also school tends to be a bit more relaxed towards the end of term,not for teachers tho!Too much assessing and updating records.But I can live with that because I know what's in store
six weeks holiday!

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