Monday, May 14, 2012

After School Fun

While I was waiting to pick Chipmunk up from school tonight my friend asked if we would like to go on a scooter ride round the comp.

I said yes as I knew Chipmunk would love to be with his friend and there's not been much opportunity to get out after school recently due to all this rain.

So after tea we set out with scooters in toe.

Once on the comp the boys zoomed off and we followed behind at a more leisurely pace.

The boys were soon swinging their scooters round and diving on the grass ( Chipmunk was doing his stunt roll constantly ) and people walking had to give them a wide berth or face the consequences!

Those poor scooters,especially Chipmunks,it was banged down on the floor more times than I care to think about!
I knew it would have bumps but I never envisaged the rough treatment Chipmunk gives it on a daily basis!

We arrived at the footy pitch and off the boys ran and I sat on a bench chatting.

I was impressed!Chipmunk playing footy with a friend all by himself!It was fab to see and I absolutely loved it.

The boys had a great time and they scootered off then to look at the river.

The river was flowing fast due to all the rain.There was a group of boys fishing and they had caught a stickleback.
We talked about how spikey sticklebacks were and said that in the summer we would come fishing. I can't wait for that!

On our way back we stopped to play pooh sticks and the boys met one of their classmates.
They spent ages collecting sticks and throwing them into the river,whilst the grown ups talked about schools,teachers,homework etc.

It was so nice down there,fresh air and kids playing,getting mucky and grubbing around in bushes,taking a few risks down by the river.

This is what I want for Chipmunk,this to me symbolizes childhood and I suppose this is why I hold it do dear.

Good old fashioned play!

Muddy,dirty,grubby kids with bits of grass and sticks stuck to their jumpers.

Boys with pink faces and sticky sweaty hair,all tired out and needing a bath because they are really dirty,not just because it's bath time.
Kids talking and chattering together,having adventures.

Kids being kids :-)

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