Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Splashy Smiles
Lots and lots making me smile at the moment!
  Chipmunks friendship with J.
This friendship is getting stronger weekly and I love it!
Its such a big thing in Chipmunks life I think I ought to dedicate a whole post to it,
so for now lets say it is good,very good.

Sharky's attitude during a recent college interview,he was put under some considerable pressure
and stood up well in my opinion.

The nursery children hunting for ladybirds!They are fascinated by them!This was happening before the Easter break and has continued now the children are back to nursery.They spend ages watching the ladybirds and some children who wouldn't go near them at first are now bravely letting the ladybirds come on the fingers.Its lovely to see children interacting with nature and it always makes me smile.

The school run ~ just walking,singing,chatting away on our way to school always makes me smile!

Sitting with Sharky and making plans for his future.

CV's,college stuff,subjects for 6th form,it's nice to see him thinking ahead.
Splashy Smiles

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