Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baking Fun.

This afternoon after school Chipmunk had some happy news to tell me!His next lot of ELSA lessons were going to be focused on... wait for it.... baking!

Oh how we have waited for this news!!
Probably ever since we have known about ELSA we have wanted baking.
Me and Chipmunk!

Baking = fun! No stress,just mainly fun and you can even bring the finished articles home and that means yum!

We have endured intricate cutting,sewing,risk watch and the 
latest one is yoga.
Yes very good for core stability and flexibility but horrendously hard for Chipmunk and this has placed stress on him and therefore me.
So you can imagine our joy to find out that next half term it will be his turn to bake!

He is already planning what he will need.

His words were;

"Better get shopping!I will need a apron and a tub"

And his smile was a mile wide and you know what,so was mine!

So now there will be no more dread on a ELSA day,just a happy smiley boy and a happy smiley mum!

Chipmunk,this is going to be great!

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