Saturday, May 12, 2012

 Friday Fun

Yesterday was a good day for Chipmunk.

He got a new reading record book,so we can start to fill that up with all those many,many books Chipmunk reads on a daily basis.

He also got sent to the head teacher for a sticker because of his good literacy work.
He said he had wrote a good piece of work about 
Goldilocks I got a text home saying:

"Chipmunk has done some EXCELLENT work in literacy today - I'm really proud of him!" Mrs A.

I was so proud about this!And when I picked Chipmunk up from school the head teacher came and had a word with me just to say how proud she was of Chipmunk!
That is brilliant to hear!

And to top the good school day off,Chipmunks class won 
Eco Class of the week.
Chipmunk has been bursting to win this award and so he was extremely happy to tell me that they had won.
They keep the trophy for a week in their classroom.

We then went to karate which he enjoyed and then went to watch his friend swim.
Chipmunk has been wanting to do this for ages and we were well impressed with his friends swimming.

So a lovely day and a great start to the weekend.

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