Friday, May 11, 2012

 School Days

Very soon my Sharky leaves school.

How can this be!

A whole chapter of his life gone!

It only seems such a short time ago that he was starting school and now his school days are coming to a close.

Iam quite shocked by this.How did time go so quickly!

I obviously have noticed that he is in his last school year but as the day approaches it just seems so final

And I've been remembering just how far Sharky has come.

So here are my Sharky school memories.

*  Your start to school was traumatic ,truly it was.
You cried & cried & we felt terrible leaving you.

You carried on screaming for 4 weeks and 2 days,it was horrid.

You started on the last half term of summer and you was the only one out of the whole morning nursery to leave,so you didn't go with any friends,this did not help at all.

You went into a year 1/reception class.It was a boisterous class,they had been together for a year,I think you didn't know what had hit you.

You had 6 weeks of reception class and then it was the summer break and next was year 1.

You always say now that you thought all school years went so quick,after just doing 6 weeks in reception!


When you started junior school you got in such mischief!

'Ink pen splats on the new library wall.

Stink spray sprayed in class'

You was a high spirited youngster for sure!

I remember how worried I was when you went on the five day stay to Ambleside.
You came back home with a chipped tooth but otherwise safe and sound

You were one of the first kids in juniors to have long hair,
I remember you saying that you were the only 'mophead' in the school.
Think you startd a trend there!

I remember you diving out of school and jumping in puddles,massive puddles,
remember that one on the horses field that you literally rolled in?!
You always were a mucky kid!

And this post describes you to a tee  The Pole


And then it was on to comp where you settled really well.

All your school reports say how hard you try at school and I'm always impressed at your parents evenings by your teachers comments.

You went to Disneyland Paris with school last year

You are planning to go to 6th form so you are not entirely finished with school and I'm quite pleased about that.

No more school uniform tho!I must remember to get a photo of you in that!

End of a era!"

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