Saturday, May 26, 2012


We had fab news at this weeks swimming lesson... Chipmunk got his 5 metres!

A long time coming and perhaps that makes it all the more special.

He did great breaststroke swimming and really tried hard.

His teacher even said she was thinking about moving him to the next stage class!

This was funny because I had only been saying to my mum and dad earlier that afternoon that it looked like Chipmunk was going to stay in the same class forever!

After the teacher and I discussed the next swimming group I decided I would like Chipmunk to stay where he was for the time being.

I think it will give him time to build his strength up and his friend Annabel is in this class.Also it would only be for 6wks and then he would have a 6wks break so I think it will be better for him to wait until September and then start afresh.

He was very proud to get the 5 metres badge and we are all so pleased with him.

Slowly but surely he is doing this swimming lark!

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