Monday, May 14, 2012


Iam very lucky to have been on the same school campus as the boys
 for most of their school life.

I was reminded of this fact this morning when I went outside 
for playground duty.

The sun was shining and the nursery children were dashing and darting about as usual,little flashes of colour running around the nusrey garden.

I was watching the children play when I heard some other voices in the distance and as I glanced over I could see the junior children playing on their playground.

From the nursery garden you cannot see too much of the juniors yard but you can hear the children playing and every now and then you can see flashes of them running around.
Sometimes you can hear a whistle being blown and sometimes you can hear a teacher shouting!

Not a lot of contact for me but some.

And Im grateful for this chance to stay close to my boys.

I like to have a quick glance over to the junior school building and know that I can be there in a flash if needed.

I like hearing the voices of the childen playing and to see them running around,little glimpses through the hedge,it makes me smile and feel connected even though Im not.

When Iam working Iam closer to my Chipmunk than when Iam at home!

I finish working at 12 noon and as Iam going home up the school drive I can hear the childrens voices again,at dinner play and I always smile.

I also wonder just what Chipmunk is getting up to in that playground but I do always smile.

I love to be close.

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