Wednesday, May 9, 2012

 Mousie Brown

Ever heard the nursery poem Mousie Brown?

Well at the moment I hear it a lot,a very lot!

It started ages ago at nursery when my friend swapped the words to the rhyme and chose a different place for grandma to go.

This is the original rhyme

"Up the tall white candle stick crept little Mousie Brown.

Right to the top but he couldn't get back down.

So he called for his grandma


But grandma was in town

So he curled himself into a ball

And rolled himself right down."

My friend used to say Tesco instead of town and then it went to Asda and Morrisons.

And then we started to let the children chose where grandma was going.

Their ideas were fantastic!We have had

Rapunzels Tower
Pinochios House
Peppa Pigs House
Ariel's House

And it has become my groups absolutely favourite song.

I have to limit it to two goes everyday or we would never sing anything different!

And the children rack their brains to come up with different ideas,just to see the concentration on their faces as they think of new ideas is great.

So I introduced the rhyme to Chipmunk and hey presto he too loves it!

Every day when we walk to school we have to say it all the way there!

And the places Chipmunk makes grandma go are very predictable!

She has visited all the MotoGp tracks ( of course )

I make grandma visit fanciful places like on top of a cloud or on spring flowers

This is something that goes from strength to strength and shows no signs of stopping.

So where would you make grandma go....

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